Thoughts Abroad

During my layover in Dusseldorf I wrote this long elaborate blog post and didn’t save it. That’s what happens when you’re taking cat naps throughout the day instead of having a full night sleep. Traveling is all about the adventure. I’m slightly bummed, but screw it who cares. It’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it. 
I’m sitting in an airport in Sicily, waiting for my love. We’re going to celebrate the love of two people we adore. The next two weeks are going to be wild! 
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LAX to Nashville

Flying high on caffeine. A landscape of clouds fill the sky below. This wine takes me over the edge. Flesh heating up, mind racing. Thoughts of my last adventure play out in my minds eye. Vivid and clear. I stand in a dimension of memories that lift me up. Traffic in the air. Conscience and subconscious collide. An awareness of self. The nothingness that I am, blessed with opportunities and wisdom beyond belief. Touched by God,

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