Drum Roll Please: My Top 5 Destinations

The number one question I’ve been asked, “What were your favorite countries or cities?” Some asked for a top one or two. I believe that to be insane. There is no way I can narrow it down to that. What I can do is provide you with a top five. Fair?


Between the delicious tapas, Gaudi’s work and the best partying I’ve encountered in my life there was no way this city could not be on my list.



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Roma to Greece, Is This My Life?

On another train. My mind wanders and wonders. Butterflies flutter inside my chest. Something awaits me. The unknown excites me. No matter how much you think you know what will happen, you have no idea. Letting go of control has given me a better handle on life.
As I trekked through Roma with ten kilos on my back while most went to work I couldn’t help but feel free. Every day gets better, how is that possible? In different ways, magical things are happening. The conversations, the adventures, the people, the food… Let me stop there. The food! When traveling its a must to TREAT YO’SELF. Eat that steak, those mussels, have two gelato’s in one day or for breakfast. The duck? Sure! Pizza? Porfavore. Double shot of espresso. Why not? Another glass of wine? Please and thank you!
Traveling by motorbike in Roma is the way to experience the city. There’s a formula to it. Dodging other bikes, people and vehicles. Fillipo, a local friend of a friend, took me around town. Live Argentinean Flaminco and Bob Marley songs on the Spanish steps. Driving up to the Vatican at night. Watching a football game and a live music competition with some locals.
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Cliff Diving in Nice, Parties in Cannes and Wine in Milano

On a high speed train to Roma. Every time I blink I’m off to a new city. Saying goodbye hurts, but we must move on. Making the best of each moment, each opportunity.
My time in the French Riviera was incredible. Nice stole my heart. I was craving the beach, sand and a sun kissed glow. Unfortunately, the main beach in Nice is full of rocks! Big rocks. After an eleven hour bus ride that caused a stiff neck, it was the last thing I wanted.
One of my favorite things in the world is watching a sunset, but a sunrise is a close second. Not needing to be anywhere, no worries in the world, just purely living in the moment, being still appreciating all the beautiful things in your life.Something we all should do as often as possible.
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