Thoughts Abroad

During my layover in Dusseldorf I wrote this long elaborate blog post and didn’t save it. That’s what happens when you’re taking cat naps throughout the day instead of having a full night sleep. Traveling is all about the adventure. I’m slightly bummed, but screw it who cares. It’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it. 
I’m sitting in an airport in Sicily, waiting for my love. We’re going to celebrate the love of two people we adore. The next two weeks are going to be wild! 
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A Needed Break

I began to write a blog about Paris, but decided not to post it. Yeah, I wrote a lot of details about my experience, but it’s not important right now. It was fun and I met some incredible people. That’s all I’ll disclose, for the moment.
What’s sitting on my mind right now are the trials that are coming with this journey. As I’ve stated before “the exhaustion is kicking in.” Heading to Switzerland was on my agenda, but I knew I needed to go back to Germany-where my family is. The stubborn side of me didn’t want to admit defeat. My body couldn’t keep going. I needed to rest, shower and clean my clothes.
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Family Time in Germany

It was a scenic ride from Mannheim to Kaiserslautern. Another six hour train ride, from Berlin. Excitement filled me. It’s been about two years since I’ve been in Germany. A very short twelve hour stay, but this time I had four and a half days.

Dave, my cousin from New York is stationed in Ramstein Air Force base with his beautiful wife, Karen, and two daughters. Sam is graduating high school in two weeks and Jasmine is about to turn twelve. One thing you must know about my family, we are tight! No matter the distance, no matter the time apart there’s a deep bond between us all. A very strong love for one another.
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