Lately I’ve been wrapped, so tight, in a cloud of worry and anxiety, there is barely room to breathe. I felt suffocated and misplaced. There’s a theme question being asked by people who are near and dear to me: “So what’s the plan?” Since I’m a free-spirited artist, this usually means: What’s plan B? When are you throwing in the towel? All because I’m not financially stable and haven’t booked any modeling or acting work, consistently, in a while. Because these are people who love me and I them, I can’t pretend this doesn’t affect me. It does. It cuts deep and makes me doubt my abilities. It makes me feel like I have run out of time, at the ripe old age of thirty.

I was out for the count. It took me days to get out of the funk I was throw in by insecurity. My first instinct was to pray. I did. But, what God doesn’t want me to do is sit on my ass waiting for Him to place things on a silver platter for me. I decided to browse the internet for some clues. I came across this informative article by Kathy Caprino: A Surefire Plan to Figure Out What You Want. I went a step further and took her free Career Assessment Test..What made this test different from the others?  She asks the right questions, you do the hard lifting.  Remember: it takes a bunch of little steps to get somewhere. You can jog, run, sprint, walk, crawl; whatever suites your needs. Just move. Do something! If you find yourself unhappy, like I was, assess your life. Sit down and figure out what will bring the joy back.

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