One More Day in Amsterdam

What an unexpected gem. A place I’ve heard about many times, but only two things are ever mentioned; weed and the red light district. There is so much more!

The first word that came to mind, unusual. Unusual Amsterdam! It’s a melting pot of so many different types of people. You’ve got young and old men lusting at the Red light, tourist snapping pictures, cute old people taking strolls on quite streets, silent assassins (bike riders) monopolizing every corner; I’m telling you it’s like a game of Tetras. You’ve got to be prepared to dodge, turn around, move left, move right. Wherever you fit, just to get to the other side. Half the time you’re walking in the middle of the road and don’t even realize it. If you hear “ding” keep your arms close to your body, close your eyes and say a prayer.
 My first full morning was spent in NEMO, a kids science center. I was like Tom Hanks in BIG. The only adult acting like a child and I loved every moment of it. Even had little girls show me how to play a dance game where you step on arrows that light up. FUN! After four floors and three hours of this, I walked across town to check out the Heineken Experience . A pit stop at a cafè had me fully content with a new book I bought for €1, fresh strawberries with sugar on several coin sized pancakes and a cappuccino-of course.
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