Photo Shoot

..On Sunday I had the pleasure of working with Hairstylist/Make-up Artist Alessandro Voce & Photographer Chris Jones. We drove down to Point Dume in Malibu Beach. It was my very first time there, I loved the scenery! Surfers all along the coast, smog around the mountains, rock was beautiful! If you haven’t been, you must go.

Stay tuned for the images.

Alessandro Voce

Chris Jones

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Invision it, feel it, do it!

..Many of us have dreams. I’ve been working hard towards mine for many years. Problem is, I haven’t been working SMART. If you have a goal, the best thing to do is write out a game plan. Take the necessary steps you need in order to get yourself to the next level. Easier said than done! Many want success, but few are willing to put their blood, sweet and tears into the struggle & trust me there is A LOT of time that needs to be put in. But know, all is capable with dedication, passion and persistence.

I dare you to follow your dreams!


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