Bikram Yoga Challenge

Andreas, a dear friend of mine who recently returned to Colorado after spending nearly a year and a half in Thailand, teaching, has challenged me to 30 straight days of Bikram Yoga. I was not up for it. The last thing I want to do is drag myself out of bed at 5 AM to make time for class. But, even though I wasn’t “feeling” it, I know I need it more than I’d like to admit.

30 days doesn’t work for my schedule because I have a wedding to attend so 30 session is the goal. I will try to accomplish that in 28 days.

I have recently been in an emotional, physical and spiritual funk so lets see how my life changes, if at all, with this challenge.

To prepare you for your own Bikram Yoga Challenge I’m going to write a few lines, about my day to day. I hope this will, somehow, better equip you mentally and give you a glimpse into the basic tools you need.

Bikram Yoga Challenge

Young Woman doing a Bikram Yoga ChallengeDay 1

I scored a sweet deal on Groupon, $35 for one-month unlimited. I encourage you to do the same. Be smart, shop around. There’s no need to pay full price unless you know you’re going to invest in whatever practice you choose.


•Yoga Mat 



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Questioning God after Haiti

Female missionary doing God's work with curious and happy Haitian kids

It has been quite the journey since my last post. My intention was to share my entire Haiti journey with you all. I desperately wanted to give you a taste of each thing I was experiencing; but, I became too involved. There was no way for me to dive as deep as I did without disconnecting from the social network realm. Every day I’ve had an urge to express the depths of my world and soul. I have felt an obligation to reconnect to this space I have created.

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2 Days Before Mission Trip to Haiti


There has been an outpouring of grace and blessing, from God, into my life. I naturally rebel against it because I’m use to things going wrong. My first reaction to a blessing is “thank you, Jesus.” My second, “when are things gonna start going wrong?” So, I am making a conscious effort to put those foolish thoughts away. I have entered a season of continual grace and blessing from Christ. I will enjoy every second of it. I’m going to, at least, try. I am here with open arms. Fill me with Your love, Your peace, Your patience Lord.

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