Standing Firm in Christ

It is time for us to create a movement for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is time for us to stand against the lies and wickedness of this world. It must be done in love, it must be done in truth. We will always fall short, we will never be perfect, but we can cling to His truth and stand firm for our God. The one true God who created each and every one of us.

I know I’m not good enough and maybe that’s why God is using me to be bold in His name. Maybe? I’m not sure why, but I get that He is calling me to speak up. I can be very black and white about my approach sometimes. I need to work on that. My passion for Jesus can make me come off harsh and judgmental. I know my flaws, I know my sins and there are many more coming to light. I am nowhere near perfect. I just have a heart for Our Heavenly Father. I want to worship and praise Him all the days of my life. I want every aspect of my life to be centered on Him. I want to glorify Him in every and any way possible. I want to be a faithful servant.

There is too much hypocrisy out there. Too many people using Jesus’ name for personal gain. It’s sad and ugly. We don’t need a church filled with glitz, glam and superstar rock bands. We need Jesus, plain and simple. We need the focus to be on Him all of the time. HE IS ENOUGH.

Being a Christian isn’t easy. Look at the bible. Read it. There is nothing glamorous about following Christ. It is filled with trials, persecutions and tests. If we choose to follow Jesus we are not guaranteed an easy life, ever. Do not be afraid. Our God made 7 promises.

Promises of God

  • To supply every need we have
  • His grace is sufficient for us
  • His children will not be overtaken with temptation
  • Victory over death
  • All things work together for good to those who love and serve Him faithfully
  • Those who believe in Jesus will be saved
  • Eternal life

Amen and praise Jesus. We can get through this because He is with us. We may be weak in our flesh, but we can be strong in His Spirit.

Lets come together and shine His light. Take it one step at a time. Take this moment to surrender your life to Jesus and ask Him what His will is for you. Keep checking in. If you stumble, which you will, dust those shoulders off and get back up.


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