Stepping Out in Faith

walkingwiththesun.comIt’s incredible what God will reveal to you when you die daily and pick up His cross. There has been an abundance of grace and mercy being pouring into my life. I have realized that once I became open, obedient, faithful and gave it all to Christ-everything changed. How could it not. What makes my heart sing is how divine and beautiful His path is, for me. It goes beyond any hope or dream of mine.

I have continually endured trials and struggles knowing very well that choosing to follow Christ takes courage. You need to be willing to walk where few have walked. You need to be willing to give up control. You need to be willing to be obedient, at any cost. Christ, himself, had a rough time on this earth; He was persecuted, He was tortured, He was tested and tempted. He died for our sins. He loves us that much. So it fills me with an overwhelming amount of joy and peace to be able to be an open vessel. To be used to glorify God. To have the eyes to see and the ears to hear; to know truth. I have lived a life without my Heavenly Father. I don’t ever want to go back there. I don’t ever want to turn my back on Him. I desperately need my Savior, every moment of every day. There are lies being whispered into my ears that I am desperately trying to shake because I know they’re there to create doubt in my mind and veer me off track. I’m not falling for it. Not now. There is an important mission at hand. I need to be pure in my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. His Spirit dwells in me and I refuse to let Satan bring me down. Christ has already won the battle. There is already Victory in Jesus name! Oh how that makes me smile. Thank you, Lord.

God has opened a door for me to step back on Haitian soil. The mission is to paint and tile a structure, we helped build. Two years ago, I personally helped sift sand, move cement blocks up stairs and build walls. (I have an increased amount of respect for construction workers. They earn every dollar they make.) In addition, I have the honor of hosting a youth art class during our stay. I’ll have the kids and teenagers take a large sized puzzle piece I’m cutting out of a foam board and decorate it to their liking. I want them to be able to express themselves creatively. The message I want them to understand, through this, is UNITY. After each puzzle piece is splashed with their personal art I will superglue them together, creating a whole piece. I know in my heart and Spirit this will bless them.

What my mind can’t seem to grasp is the other mission He has for me; producing and directing a documentary based on what God is doing in Caneille, Haiti. The focus will be on Bastia, the Pastor we stay with in Haiti. I’m comfortable with the title of writer/actor/model, but I never knew I’d dive into the other two. It is blowing my mind. It is all coming together. It seems easy because it’s what God wants, so all of these doors are flying open. I don’t want to mislead you with the previous statement because I need you to understand that I am working my little tail off. I can’t expect God to do all of the work, no. I need to do everything in my humanly power to prepare myself and get things done. Hours upon hours have been spent in pre-production and there is plenty more work for me to do. But, there is no stress, there is only passion and fire to get things done. I am doing the Lord’s work. This is what I want to be apart of. I want to be apart of projects that glorify my Savior. Projects that will change lives and bring positivity, love and light.

My dad told me I’d make films that would glorify God, when I first came to faith, a handful of years ago. I couldn’t comprehend living a life like that. I disliked Christian films and didn’t care to be apart of that world. Plus, I wasn’t sure I wanted my faith to affect my work. They were separate to me. I didn’t want to mix the two. Now look at me. All I want to do is talk about Jesus and do whatever I can to glorify His Kingdom-in a real, raw and creative way. A lot of Christian’s make faith-based films for other Christians. I don’t want to do that. I would love to inspired my fellow brothers and sisters, but it’s important to reach the mass. To reach the people who don’t know Christ. God created us all. He loves us all. We cannot forget that. We cannot single people out or set them apart from us. I get that I am bold, in the name of Jesus and I might only appeal to people who understand what I’m talking about, but I pray I can be used far beyond that. That is only a door God can open for me, if it’s for me. I sure hope it is.

I can’t wait to share with you what God does with me and the rest of our mission team. It’s my goal to post every day, for eight days; while I’m in Haiti. Something different than how I approach my blog now; one post a week. I pray it’s a blessing to you all.

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