If you have not seen the show, Making a Murderer, currently airing on Netflix–I am begging you to do so. It is something we all should, finally, be aware of. Please do not continue to read this until you have watched all ten episodes of this profound documentary.

There is so much to say. Where do I even begin! I hid behind my hands as I watched two officers continually feed Brendan lies, my eyes peeking through my fingers. I had a moment of hope when Steven Avery was released from prison after eighteen years, but realized there were too many episodes that followed for this to be the end of it all! I huffed and puffed with every new piece of “evidence,” especially that stupid key! The key that magically appeared after three days and only had “Avery’s” DNA, but no trace of Teresa’s. Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t there a saying “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Oh yes, it’s in the legal dictionary that “you better be damned sure.” After everything I saw, there was plenty of reasonable doubt. Avery may or may not have killed this woman; and, Brendan may or may not have been involved, but it was clear that evidence was planted.

I was unsatisfied with the ending because of the results and the obvious misconduct of the officers. A sheet has been lifted from my eyes and I hope you gain the same type of knowledge I have. It’s imperative we do something with this. Our eyes are open, but what shall we do?

The only reason I have some type of peace with all of this is knowing that God has the final word. He sees it all.

I am itching to hear your voice about this! Comment below.

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  1. Hi Christine,
    I cannot believe what happened to those two people. There was no justice there. We should all sign the petition, with all the new technology we have now, they can come up with a conclusion.
    To me they were both set up, that’s only my opinion.

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