Is Life Weighing You Down?

Sometimes life can weigh you down. You feel like you’re barely holding on, like you’re drowning in a sea of doubt and confusion; trying to find the answers, trying to hold it together when everything seems to be falling apart. You’re not alone. You are not the only one hurting. Keep doing the best that you can. Keep your eyes on Christ. He has a plan. Trust in His will, His way.

God is telling me to be still in this battle. He is telling me to rest in His presence. What is He telling you? If you don’t know then quiet your mind. Ask and listen for answers. You can’t hear well if you’re clouding your mind with ways to control the outcome. It is done. Christ has risen, He has won. Have peace of mind knowing you are on the right path. Let Him guide you. Let Him strip you down and build you back up into the new creation He wants you to be in His holy and precious name. Let your soul sing worship to Abba. May your hearts be filled with peace and joy during these trying times. Stand strong in your faith. God is with you.

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