Truth in Love

It takes courage to speak truth. To learn to be honest with yourself and in turn with others. To love yourself enough to create boundaries that others cannot cross. There’s a harsh reality when you are in an honest and open relationship; whether romantic or platonic. No rose-colored glasses on. No promised happily ever after. Only two people speaking their truth in this present moment. A moment that can be the beginning of the rest of your lives or a moment that can very well be your last.

There is a side of me that is purely a hopeless romantic. I’m a sentimental dreamer who based relationships off Disney films with whimsical endings. I believed in soul mates, a perfect relationship and getting everything my heart ever desired because I somehow deserve that. Has life made me a bit jaded? Or has life taught me that anything can happen? A little of both.
I’ve learned no matter what type of relationship you are in communication is key. You need to be able to speak your heart and mind in love. Ladies, he can’t read your mind. You might think your partner should already know all of your wants and needs-that’s unfair. You can’t blame him or anyone else if you never clearly communicated where you stand. Gentlemen, don’t tell us what we want to hear then have your actions show the opposite, it’s confusing and wrong.
No, my life isn’t a fairy-tale, but I wouldn’t want it to be. It’s through the ups and downs that we can grow. It’s through the trials we can realize how much we love someone.

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