I’ve been beating myself over the head with ways to better my blog. How can I draw people in? Instead of speaking from the heart and being true to who I am I was swimming against the current. I feel myself forcing things to change, to move. That’s not what this is about, that’s not what life is about, that is not what I am about.

Speaking my truth is how I want to live. Letting you see the passion oozing from my skin is how I want you to cringe with delight; as you feel my voice roaring from this page. I should give nothing less than all of me. Well, not all of me. You get a piece of me. I want that piece to be nothing short of straightforward truth. My truth. Many wont agree with my thoughts or beliefs and that is okay. Regardless, this is my place to share and invite you into my world. Hoping you can take something away or be encouraged.

I’d delight in my this virtual space of mine becoming interactive. Hearing from you, answering questions, learning and growing together. The thought thrills me. I am passionate about my walk with Christ and I love sharing that. I am not afraid to speak about my adoration for Jesus or my tribulations. I know the importance of speaking to the multitude, to people with different backgrounds or beliefs, about Jesus Christ. I am not afraid. I am not ashamed. I humbly ask the Lord to keep me fearless and bold. With that I welcome you to reach out.

My identity is in Jesus Christ. My purpose in life is to continue building a relationship with Him and sharing the good news. My peace comes from His Spirit that dwells within me because my foundation has been built on Him.

Perfection is a word I can’t relate to. Our society pushes this false idea upon us. I struggle with this unfair standard every single day of my life. How can we be better? How can we stay young? How can we do the next best thing? It is never enough and it will never be enough. That is the world we live in. I understand the importance of doing something with your life, of feeling a sense of accomplishment, of making my mother proud. Making the most of this life we are given is a wonderful thing. I encourage that. I embrace that! The issue isn’t about having goals and obtaining then, it’s feeling you need to be something you are not.

Unfortunately, I get sucked into a web of lies. I’ll feel fat when I’m thinner than most, question my path when I see others married with kids, think I’m not smart because I don’t know enough complex words, feel like a complete failure when I can barely pay my rent; my list can go on and on. It’s easy to believe these lies that will distract me from the work God wants to do in my life.

I get a knot in my stomach each time I display an ugly or weak side to me. It’s one thing to scribble this in a journal no one will ever read, but to present it here for you to see scares the crap out of me. However, it wont stop me. This is what I have been called to do. I will honor that.

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