Exploring Italia

Taormina, Sicily

A slice of beach heaven. This majestic island, Isola Bella, is known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. Locals and tourists flock to this rocky bay the moment our sun bounces off the aqua blue ocean; hypnotized by the crystals that sparkle with each ripple. I was right beside them, slathered in sunscreen, taking it all in. Breathing in the fresh air, exhaling all the stress.

We had the luxury of staying in a bungalow at The Plage Resort. A white hammock hung at the entrance to our yard, two lounge chairs were situated to the right of the hot tub we put to use, the restaurant had my favorite pistachio gelato and every morning I enjoyed fresh fruit, eggs, one or two croissants, a cappuccino with an espresso on the side. I might have indulged. On the flip side, we all had welts from the mosquito’s, WiFi barely worked and countless wasps swarmed around us during breakfast. One yellow jacket landed on a plate, grabbed a piece of salmon and flew to the nearest tree. In life you’ve gotta take the good with the bad. 
 Introducing Mr & Mrs Cerbelli. The reason we all gathered in Italy was to celebrate the union of these two amazing souls.

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Amalfi or Positano? After some research and careful thinking I’m glad we went with Sorrento! Our plan-to spend three nights in the Amalfi Coast with a day trip to Capri and a visit to Pompeii before heading north to Rome. Although Positano and Amalfi would have been romantic we needed an easy place to travel to and from. If this is your need stay in Sorrento.
Make sure you walk down the narrow side streets where you’ll discover countless shops, a handful of church’s and an amazing gelato place called Raki. Add a scoop of coconut to your pistachio, you won’t regret it! In the thirteen days I’ve been traveling, maybe two have gone by without gelato hitting my tongue; sad, I know. 


I’m in love with this place. The chairlift up to Anacapri, the delicious lunch in Capri, the yummy pistachio gelato before an amazing boat ride around the island. I didn’t think it could get better until our boat swayed into a shuffled line to the Blue Grotto. I came here with no expectations and was able to visit this beautiful gem. To put the icing and cherry on the cake….

…I swam inside. My mother once told me, “it didn’t happen unless you have a picture to prove out.” On that note my titi Dee Nice did swim inside, but no picture to show. We’ve got this selfie from inside the boat


If you haven’t been, go! One piece of advice I’ll share, if you’re traveling to Pompeii with luggage you have the option of either paying €3 a bag with someone guarding it at the train station or leaving it at the entrance to Pompeii, for free. We opted to pay. It was secure; plus we didn’t have to lug our things down the road. Major plus when it’s smoldering hot. 


As I sit on cement steps leading into an apartment building I reflect on my trip, on my life. I feel unworthy of the blessings. I’m in awe of the direction my life has taken. I’m not the same girl who traveled through sixteen countries alone. I continue molding into a different person. My perspective shifting, my way of life transitioning. I love my life and I thank you all for tuning in. 

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