Thoughts Abroad

During my layover in Dusseldorf I wrote this long elaborate blog post and didn’t save it. That’s what happens when you’re taking cat naps throughout the day instead of having a full night sleep. Traveling is all about the adventure. I’m slightly bummed, but screw it who cares. It’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it. 
I’m sitting in an airport in Sicily, waiting for my love. We’re going to celebrate the love of two people we adore. The next two weeks are going to be wild! 

I’ve been trying to convince myself that routine is what I need, but it doesn’t feel right to me. Experiencing new places and people lights my fire! Travel blogging would be an ideal job. We’ll see if that’s what God has planned. I want this and that, but first and foremost I need to be obedient to His will, whatever that looks like. It’s amazing to watch the Lord do incredible things in my life. He continues to shower me with an abundance of blessings. I am humbled and thankful for my life. 

Having the courage to live a life I’ve always dreamed is a day to day struggle. There is no stability in being a free spirit, lots of people frown upon it; they don’t understand. There’s beauty in us all being different. We need a variety. We need to challenge one another. I need some grounding and others need adventure. It’d be hella boring if we were all the same.
I must take a moment to shine some light on the awesome five days I spent in Germany with my family. Bigger picture, I was there for my cousin’s daughter, Jazz. She is very curious about Christ and I know He’s going to do something beautiful in her life. It’s not about forcing anything, it’s about being His light. I may not always get to witness the fruit; planting the seed is all I need to be used for. 
My cousin Dave and His wife Karen are a great team. I love watching them discipline, teach and love their daughters. Dave has a strong demeanor that reflects his physical appearance; the head of their household. I love watching a grin appear on his face. He loves his family, he takes joy in providing and taking care of his girls. Karen is a beautifully strong woman who can cook her ass off! She’s a planner, a nurturer and has a killer laugh. Not only do I love them, I like them. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Thank you guys for always going above and beyond for me. 
Last night I was happy to spend some girl time with Sam, their eldest. The whole time I was there she had to work and study; we didn’t get as much time as we both would have liked so chatting until 1am was a treat even though I needed to be out the door, for my ride to the airport, at 3:45am . Totally worth it!
I would love to write more but this view is distracting me. 

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