The Truth Will Set You Free


It’s hard to see an ugly side of someone you love dearly. To see a hardened heart. To see the pain and suffering in that. They can’t see the cage they’re living in. Break free of the burden! Drop all of the jealousy, anger, resentment, pain, judgement, insecurity..let it free..break free of the chains that hold you down. Why do I care so deeply? No matter what has ever happened to you, we all need to learn how to forgive. Truly forgiving someone will set you free. If you hold on to all the wrongs done to you, your load must be heavy. Don’t continue to pick on old wounds. You’re only hurting yourself. Well, that’s not even true because you’re hurting me.

My task right now is to forgive you. To take my own advice and let it roll right off my shoulders after I have acknowledged the truth of what I’m feeling. It’s not healthy to pretend. The truth might hurt, but it sure as hell will set you free.

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