LAX to Nashville

Flying high on caffeine. A landscape of clouds fill the sky below. This wine takes me over the edge. Flesh heating up, mind racing. Thoughts of my last adventure play out in my minds eye. Vivid and clear. I stand in a dimension of memories that lift me up. Traffic in the air. Conscience and subconscious collide. An awareness of self. The nothingness that I am, blessed with opportunities and wisdom beyond belief. Touched by God,

my guardian holds me tight. Pureness blotting out darkness. A darkness that attempts to consume me. Why me? Sinful me. Broken me. Weak to temptation yet consumed by the love of God. A world of contradictions. My crazy world of ups and downs. My soul leans back, heart exposed. Fill me with your peace and love, Father. Consume me. Mold me into whatever you want. Using me to glorify your Kingdom. The unknown awaits me, every second of every day. Today is all I have. This moment is all I’m guaranteed. How can I be used by You? Give me the ability to see You, to hear You, to be led by You. You, yeah, it’s all about You. The Alpha, the Omega. King of Kings. I am a helpless sheep needing guidance from my Shepard. Allow me the ability to hear You. In the details, in the bigger picture. I pray I always see You at work. Give me the strength to worship You and thank You even when my life is a mess. Even when I’m sliding down a muddy hill. A mountain! When I’m stranded in a valley. Feed my Spirit. Jesus, You are all that matters. You are all I need. Forever and always I am a child of God. For the rest of my days, in the flesh, I will worship You; and, it would be an honor to bow down to You in Heaven. Kissing your feet. Worshiping the ground You walk on. Floors paved in gold. Forgive me for how ugly I have been and for the mistakes I am guaranteed to make. My soul rejoices! You love me. No matter what, You love me. An unconditional love that I am not worthy of, but am so grateful for. Thank you for the ability to express myself through these words. Words that can only show a fraction of my gratitude and love for You. I pray these words are read by someone who is longing to know You, by a fellow believer who needs encouragement or by someone who can appreciate a glimpse into my soul. May each and every one of you be blessed and lean on the Lord, all the days of your life. In Jesus precious and beautiful name. Amen. 

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