The “SECRET” to being in The Best Shape of Your Life!

Ladies and gentlemen, the secret to having a fit body, lots of energy and staying young….


That’s right. Get off your lazy bottom and walk around the block. One, two, ten times!

Making sure you’re living an active lifestyle is crucial to your health, mentally and physically. The most important thing to pair this with is healthy eating. Seventy percent of what our body looks like comes from what we consume. Let me make it simple, if you eat crap you’ll look like it. Most people don’t have a sensitivity to overweight individuals because, most of the time, it’s a choice. You choose to indulge in junk food and processed sugars. You say it’s depression? Well, you’re right. Polluting your body for years and years will build up toxins and cause you to become depressed.

Listen, I’m all for curves and feeling secure about your body. I just hear too many people complain about how they look but won’t do anything about it. It takes hard work, dedication, research and money.

I’m a big lover not a fighter. However, sometimes we need tough love. Above all else we need to learn how to love ourselves. Your body is your temple. Without it running smoothly, at an optimal level, your life may not be as rich. Health should be our number one concern for ourselves and each other. (Actually, it’s having a relationship with God. So lets just say it’s a close second.)

You can give every excuse in the world, the only person suffering is YOU. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. Make a change today. 

For three weeks I have been whipping my mother and step-father into shape. No more high fructose corn syrup, white breads, white rice, “natural flavors” in ingredients, cereal, junk food, dairy and sitting in front of a television like zombies-among other things. No more negative talk and gossip. Now their meals consist of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, lean meats, protein shakes and plenty of water. Now they walk three miles at the park, several times a week. Now they are starting to love themselves and live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Now they are learning to not use the words “I can’t.” Because they can. You can, too…if you desire.

Is this something that comes easy to them, no. They’re spending a lot more money on high quality food, a lot more time preparing meals and trying to break away from old habits. It’s easier to make meals you can do with your eyes closed after a long day of work. Easier to say “I’m too tired.” Easier to do nothing than to do something. I’ll tell you this, now that the pounds are melting off they are starting to feel better about the shift in their lives. This isn’t a “diet.” I have simply introduced a healthy lifestyle to them. Well, I wouldn’t say “simply,” it’s been Chris’ boot camp ever since I started teaching them. 

I want to encourage you all to start being aware of what you put into your precious body. Make sure you’re at a healthy weight. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can help others in return.

God bless.

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