Drum Roll Please: My Top 5 Destinations

The number one question I’ve been asked, “What were your favorite countries or cities?” Some asked for a top one or two. I believe that to be insane. There is no way I can narrow it down to that. What I can do is provide you with a top five. Fair?


Between the delicious tapas, Gaudi’s work and the best partying I’ve encountered in my life there was no way this city could not be on my list.




I missed my flight from Corfu to Istanbul and had to travel twenty-five hours as an alternative; I wasn’t fazed. That’s how special this place is. A place to leave it all behind, to relax, eat amazing food and for me the chance to see my first shooting star. Take me back!


Spending my mornings eating gelato’s, three to four hours a day in baths, caving with two awesome Seattle guys, experiencing my first escape room and enjoying a drink in ruin pubs every night-this easily became a favorite. A very cool place that’s easy on your wallet and always full of options.




When I walked out of the train, into the street, my jaw dropped. My lips immediately called it the gateway to heaven. I’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, jumping out of a helicopter with no fear in the world and having a snowball fight with my favorite brothers from Texas, on Schilthorn, makes this a close second. Worth every Franc!




The holy land. A place where so many miracles have happened. This country holds a very special place in my heart. Being there during the beginning of this conflict with Gaza was something I will never forget. It has opened my mind to how others live and think. Never once was I in fear because our Lord and Savior is so awesome. This whole journey, this pilgrimage, was to bring me right here. I can’t wait for another calling to such a historical and spiritual place for me and so many others.


P.S. I lied! I need to sneak in one more.

*Bonus country!


This is where my lovely family is stationed. They fed me, washed my clothes, took me to see castle’s and did I mention fed me! Nothing beats quality time with loved ones.


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