Be the Change You Want to See

We are all battling something in our lives. I want to say that no matter how tough it gets, keep your chin up. I get my strength from The Lord, but I also have a choice. I choose to make the best of each moment and to better myself. Challenging my mind and body. Whenever I get down it’s usually because I’m either sitting on my couch wasting my life away or consumed with work to the point where I have no time to breathe. It’s about balance and above all else it’s about loving yourself. 

Most of my life I’ve let people talk down to me, manipulate me and take advantage of the love I have to give. I didn’t know my worth and I wasn’t loving myself. You need to surround your world with beautiful souls that will encourage you, help you grow and give you constructive criticism. People that will draw you nearer to Christ. People that will help you see how beautiful you are without trying. Without all the make-up, stylish clothes, cool social media pictures and all that jazz. It’s easy to get tons of likes when you’re half naked. As a Christian woman in the industry it’s tough finding a balance. I’m not perfect, but The Lord has revealed so much to me and will continue to shape me into the woman He wants me to be. 

My mind spins with insecurity, but why? I’ve got the whole world at my finger tips. I have been blessed beyond belief. I just can’t shake the fact that I need to lose weight when I feel fantastic. Why? Because I book more work when I’m a “certain size.” It bothers me. It’s unfair. I don’t want to conform. I want to be who I am. I want to love myself and the skin that I’m in. And, I do! 
It can be tough when people constantly flake on you or when there’s not a decent man around to take you on a date. My standards are high so I get that part. It’s just hard sometimes. We all have our problems. Mine aren’t that serious-at all! After spending time with people who are truly dealing with struggles it puts life into perspective. It’s also okay for me to express the thoughts that can be heavy on my heart. That’s what being an artist is all about. Baring your soul. You know what? I’ve been contemplating a domain name for my blog and I think I just got it. These are the rambling thoughts of my mind. Bouncing around. 
I pray we all find balance, we all start loving ourselves so we can, in turn, love others. Always know that each and everyone of us hurts and we all just need to be loved. When a person is angry, sad, agitated, etc. be gentle and kind to them. If it’s someone close to you, hug them. I wish I can give you all a hug right now. A nice big, tight, warm hug wrapped in all the love I can possibly give. 
It will get better. You have to believe that and you have to make a change in your life. If you’re unhappy, what will make you happy? If you don’t know, figure it out. Try new things, meet people. Get off that couch, unplug yourself from your mobile device and throw yourself into social environments. Get to know others. Get to know who you are. No one else can understand you if you can’t understand yourself. Let’s all try to make the best of our days. Who knows how long we’ve got. 
There are people out there that need our help. Smile at a stranger today, hold open a door, say “good afternoon.” It’s the little things in life. One ripple can turn into a thousand. Your simple act of kindness will make a difference. It can change someone’s life. 
I must add this, the death of Robin Williams has hit to the core. Not only his death, but how it happened. When I read the details I became deeply saddened. How can a man who made so many people laugh be so torn inside. I can’t fathom that loneliness, that turmoil. What I can do is bring happiness to others, in my own way. I can celebrate his life and smile at all the ways he inspired me and so many others. Let’s all learn and grow from this. Let’s make a difference. Let’s impact others in a positive way. Let’s makes each other laugh! Let’s listen to a friend in need. Let’s communicate and be vulnerable towards one another. Let’s celebrate this very moment.

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share! Thanks for taking the time to read my words. Words that come straight from my heart. 

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