Barcelona, I love you.

I’m on a bus to Nice, France with two guys I met at my last hostel. We’re drinking some wine and socializing with a guy whose biking across Europe and a lovely guy from Finland. It’s easy to meet people along the way; and, I must say, traveling alone is the way to go! If you don’t like someone you can keep it moving. If you like them, well that is when you spend the entire day getting to know them. I’ve met people who will be my friends fo’life. We are sharing such a unique experience together. It’s a grand way to bond.
I’ve met some of my favorite people in Barcelona. After two days I was ready to leave because I couldn’t let go of the relaxed mentality I had in Budapest. But once I let that go and was willing to have fun, it was on!

 Sonar, one of the biggest music festivals was going on during my stay. I had no idea. Once I heard about it I was keen on going, but needed a group. When I got to my third hostel in Barcelona I instantly met the right people. They all booked tickets and asked me to join, I was in. Boy, was that one of the best decisions!  I had an amazing time with the best group of people! So thankful for this incredible journey. 

Barcelona, you won me over! 
Oh! And I was able to share my testimony with a group of nineteen your old girls from New York. Right after I spent two and a half hours at Sagrada Familia. I pray that I was able to inspire them.
Don’t be afraid to live, to take risks. I am not in this position because I played it safe. I am here because I followed my dream. Even when my friends and family didn’t believe in me. I am here because I trust in The Lord. He will reveal the most amazing things to you. It’s been one heck of a ride.
It was only yesterday I was at the lowest point in my life. When I lost it all. My world was crushed. The pain was felt in ever inch of my body. But I didn’t let that consume me. I had faith. I knew The Lord would take care of me. I knew it’d take some time to heal. I am now living a life I had only dreamed. I still can’t even believe what is happening. 

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