A Needed Break

I began to write a blog about Paris, but decided not to post it. Yeah, I wrote a lot of details about my experience, but it’s not important right now. It was fun and I met some incredible people. That’s all I’ll disclose, for the moment.
What’s sitting on my mind right now are the trials that are coming with this journey. As I’ve stated before “the exhaustion is kicking in.” Heading to Switzerland was on my agenda, but I knew I needed to go back to Germany-where my family is. The stubborn side of me didn’t want to admit defeat. My body couldn’t keep going. I needed to rest, shower and clean my clothes.

Leaving Paris was tough. I was unaware that reservations for trains leaving the city needed to be booked days in advance. There was no way I was getting on the next train to Kaiserslautern or any other city for the next few days. Being stuck in Paris wasn’t something I wanted. After hours of seeking a way out, the solution was a bus! It wasn’t a two and a half hour train ride, but it got me from point A to point B. Ten hours later I was taking a hot bath and eating a home cooked meal.
Dave knew I’d be back. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have family here. There’s no doubt I would have become sick if I kept pushing myself.  And I can’t tell you how amazing it is to smell good! To have clean clothes. Hand washing can only get your clothes “half” clean. It’s the little things in life. 
The plan was to stay two days. That quickly became four. Karen’s mother, Belinda, and father, Caesar, are in town. It was a mini family reunion. I loved every moment of it. Seeing another country is nice, but spending quality time with people you love is what truly matters. I didn’t want to just check off another country, I wanted to create lasting memories with my family.
We drank wine, ate well, spent a day at Cocham, went back to Metz France and joined Sam at one of her high school graduation ceremonies. There was plenty of ice-cream to eat and sun to soak in. 
Dave is a little concerned for me because I have a tooth ache. I’m pretty certain I cracked a filling. Now I can only chew on the left side of my mouth. And, I had sharp pains on the left side of my rib cage the past two days. I believe its from a lack of water. I’m used to consuming 1.5-2 liters a day. Now I’m barely drinking two cups. That needs to change. My body is dry. It’s  no ones fault but my own. I know I’ll be fine. If I’m not, back to Germany it is!
Although I don’t want to be in pain, I hope I see them soon. If not now, then in August for cousin Matt’s wedding.
This time with my family has opened my eyes to a lot. It clarifies my desire for a family, my love for antiquing, keeping the Latin fire and New York swag alive, traveling and the importance of a happy family. I pray The Lord provides me with a man that’ll be a great husband and father. A man that is well rounded and puts God first. 
Watching Dave and Karen make all their daughters softball and track games, traveling to different countries, having a wonderful partnership are qualities every marriage should have. They love each other, they love their children and they love their family. And I love them. Thank you for being so amazing and taking care of me.
Until next time..

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