After a seven hour train ride from København I was in Berlin. An immediate difference. Faster paced, diverse people and a little bit of attitude that comes with any big city. I felt at home.

A ten minute bus ride took me down the road to a hip part of town. I had an address with no apartment number. My friend, Tilo, a fellow model and artist I met down in Capetown is the reason I decided to visit Berlin. The plan was to spend some time with him, but he needed to catch a plane to Madrid at 4:30pm, an hour after I arrived.

I walked up to his apartment building having no idea how I’d get in. A few people walked out. I tried grabbing the handle before it closed-didn’t happen. I said, “Excuse me. I need to get in.” One of the guys turned around and asked me, “Who do you know?” I told him my friends full name, but he wouldn’t open the door for me. He said, “Find his name on the intercom,” then walked away; And, of course, my friends name wasn’t there. I took a deep breathe, the door opened, I looked up and there he was. All I heard was “Jesus Christ.” And in my mind I said “Yup, this is all Him. Guiding me..” It was a classic movie moment.
Ten flights of stairs later, at the very top, Tilo gave me a quick tour of his place. A beautiful two bedroom apartment with bay windows, a terrace and killer view of the street and TV-Tower. He left me his keys, we took a picture and he was off.
I spent the next two days limping around town. My ankles and right knee are in bad shape. I didn’t break into these darn boots before my trip-bad idea. Luckily, I had some Ibprofen thanks to my friend Evan, an EMT, who gave me an aid kit for my travels.
My limping took me to the Brandenburg Gate, Parliament Building, Victory Column where I walked up the seemingly endless spiral staircase, TV-Tower, Berlin Wall Memorial where I did some writing, Tiergarten where I was surrounded by gargantuan green trees, scattered ponds and so many other historical landmarks.
While I took a picture of the Bode Museum a tall German man with piercing blue eyes did a double take and walked up to me. He flattered me with kind words and wanted me to walk around town with him. I kindly declined. I was on a mission to explore the city. I did give him my email address because he wanted to meet the following night. I was able to share with him my love for The Lord. He thought I was joking because I couldn’t stop smiling. If ya’ll don’t already know, I’m on fire for The Lord. Jesus is my Savior and that’s something to rejoice about.
The next morning, to no surprise, there was an email from Daniel. He wanted to meet at Nauener Platz station at 8pm. I contemplated the idea, but realized it was too far and I wasn’t in the mood to be hit on all night. Plus, I didn’t want to put myself in a bad situation. He seemed like a nice guy, but you never know.
Funny thing, at the exact time I was supposed to meet him I ran into a guy that took my picture at the Parliament. Him and his friends were walking towards the Berlin Wall Memorial. I chatted with them for a few, we took each others picture and I immediately knew I was where I was supposed to be. 
God is so great!
For me, being in Berlin was a time to enjoy His presence. Every time I’m in the word and prayer I feel refreshed. He has made it clear that this is exactly where He wants me. 
Being alone means lots of bad selfies and having to ask people to take pictures of you. Something I’m completely okay with. 

A lovely little cafè I enjoyed people watching and writing at was Röststätte. It’s nice to have a routine throughout your travels. A genius piece of advice from Kelly.

Berlin was a great city. I hope to be back soon! 

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