A Cheeky Time in London

It’s not easy writing about my last adventure when I’m in the middle of another. There has been little down time for me the past few days. But I will do my best to recap my time in London.
When I arrived the sun was shinning. I took a train to my friends flat, who wasn’t home. It was time to eat and get connected through WiFi so I went to a pub, next door. Within minutes a group of older men started interacting with me. They were extremely nice. Steve, the ring leader from Liverpool, handed me an Irish Blessing card with a wild shamrock in it along with an Oyster Card to ride the metro. Moments later Sarah, the lovely friend I’m staying with, walked through the wooden doors. She rushed over to me. Wide eyed with a huge smile across her face. Her hug was full of so much love, I wanted to cry. There are very few people who have a heart as big and genuine as Sarah’s. She’s a keeper! We spent the night drinking bubbles with strawberries and cake with her roommates. A girls night to remember.

The following day I met up with another model friend of mine from Capetown, Michael, and his lovely lady Kelly. We went down memory lane. It was a really nice time. Next thing you know I’m at Westminster Abbey. A must see if you are ever in town! You’re not supposed to take pictures, but I snuck a few through my iPhone. For a minute, there was a moment of silence while a priest said a prayer. It was confirmation from The Lord that I was exactly where I needed to be. Everything he said I needed to hear.
took a walk through a park full of swans and ducks that led me to the entrance of Buckingham Palace. I blinked and was eating dinner with Sarah. Blinked again and I’m in the second row of a theater watching Wicked. It was surreal. The acting was brilliant, their voices were powerful, the costumes were spot on. I can’t believe I didn’t have London on my original list of countries to visit. 
My last day consisted of a rooftop brunch at the Soho house with another friend I met in South Africa, a mind blowing experience at the British museum, wine and cheese in one of the oldest wine bars in the world and ate dinner in the highest restaurant in town. It’s all been so incredible!
I wish I could write more, but the sun just set and this bed is comfy. Good night!

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