Trials in life don’t end. Seeing it in a different light is what allows you to change the outcome. All my life people come and go. I took it personal when friends would disappear without an explanation, a chance to make things right. I’m no where near perfect, but how can I know where I’m lacking if no one points it out, if no one helps me be better. I felt betrayed when friends would drop like flies, disappear from my world. I now know it was for the best. Some are meant to spend a season in your life. To help you through something or teach you. I value every soul that has graced my life. It has shaped my into the woman I am today.

When people leave; whether through death or by choice, it has never felt like the right time. If only I had another day, week or year. If only I could have said this or that. But it is always perfect timing. It is always exactly how it should be. And that’s the beauty of it all. Accepting that nothing is in your control. All we can do is our very best; love one another, inspire each other and be present. Appreciate this very moment. The beauty of life. Breathing, feeling, touching, tasting, taking it all in. Not allowing the bad to hold you down too long. Feeling the emotions you’re going through and releasing it.
My entire world has been shifting. And it sometimes scares the ish outta me. I get caught up thinking about my life a few months from now or obsessing about the past. It never helps! All I have is now. If I can’t be present then nothing will change. I’ll be stuck in a twilight zone asking myself “why is my life on pause? Why am I stuck?” If you want a different outcome you need to change the way way you play this lovely game called life.
The more I understand certain things, the more I realize I have no clue what I’m doing! The only thing I’m certain about is  the Lord. I live for Him. I surrender to Him daily. Allowing Him to shape my life in whatever way He wants. I hope and pray each and every one of you feel the love of God. To know that Jesus died for you, for me. And He will never let you down or steer you wrong. That does not mean you will have it easy, actually it’s the opposite. Your faith will be tested. Temptation will pound on your door! And no matter how hard it gets continue to be faithful because eternal life with Him is the greatest gift you will EVER receive. Everything worldly will come and go. Don’t sell out. Don’t take the easy route. It’ll cost your life. But your names are written in heaven! What?! Oh, yes! Glory to God. I pray that my words can somehow inspire even ONE soul. God bless you all!!

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