I count each day, remembering every moment. Life happens so fast; as if running through it. Affecting one another, leaving our mark on another persons life. Now the question is, what kind of mark are you leaving? What kind of hope or impression are you making on someone’s journey? It’s about, for me, spreading love and the Word of God. My savior. My Lord. No matter the trails and tribulations, He has my back every single time. The grace of God gets my blood pumping. He is so awesome. I want everyone to feel the joy that’s in my heart. The joy that, could too, fill yours. Because I promise if all else fails, He won’t.

Allowing your guard to be down. Embracing people as your brothers and sisters. Communicating on a human level. We all have the same basic needs and wants. Yet we harshly judge one another, quick to turn our backs. Quick to point a finger that should be turned around. An understanding that we are all sinners. 
Take a moment and ask how someone’s day is going. A complete stranger. Be open and selfless. Just listen. 
This very thing that I’m doing, writing, is a way I try to communicate on a deeper level. Hoping it can help someone in some way.  I battle my demons, daily. I struggle, trying to understand it all. Coming up with ridiculous scenarios and negative thoughts that pollute my mind. I cry out for strength, for forgiveness.  I surrender.

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