A day at work!

It’s she cute?! I was shooting a commercial for Dreher Beer last week. Once I found out there were SHEEP on set I couldn’t help jumping in the cage! After this adorable picture the animal decided to leave me some farewell gifts. Lets just say they were small and dark..HA!

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  1. Christine: Listening to your heart. Take a moment right now and point to yourself. Your finger is very likely pointing right at your heart. Not at your brain, but your heart. This is who are. The constant beating of your heart in and out, out and in, is a symbol of your infinite connection to the always-present heart beat of God, or the Universal Intelligence.
    Your left brain calculates, figures things out, analyzes, and comes up with the most logical choices for you. It thinks, thinks, thinks! Your right brain represents your intuitive side. This is the part of you that goes beyond reason and analysis. It's the part of you that feels things, that sensitive to love, that's emotional about important to you.
    Pick a place where you can be in silence for about 30 min. and ask God to guide you through this critical moment in your life. The answers will come to you. Believe, believe believe Christine.

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