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It’s never too late to make a change, to say you’re sorry or to make a difference. We do have that voice inside of us that knows the right thing to do, but our ego and pride get in the way. We ask for advice, not realizing we’re asking people who are just as lost as we are. Most giving us thoughts that will pollute our minds. Only ask people who want the best for you. They will try leading you down the right path, but remember at the end of the day you know what’s best for YOU! You have no one to blame but yourself for the choices you make in life.

It’s not easy being the bigger person, but if you know better you have no excuse. You’re just lying to yourself. No one is perfect, we all have our faults; but we can try being better, doing more good & sending out more positive energy to one another. There’s just way too much “hating,” and for what? God made you exactly how he wanted to. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! There’s no denying that. If you want success, go for it. There is plenty of room for us all to succeed in our own ways.

I guess that’s where a big problem lies. If someone sees you moving forward and they’re not they want to put you down in order to make themselves feel BIGGER then you. If they would just put that “hating” energy into themselves instead of you..Hey, maybe they could be successful too. If they don’t want to realize that, then that’s there loss not yours 😉

Moving forward is about taking risks, making changes, learning new things and being open minded. Don’t be scared to fall or to go down a road you’ve never been. The only way you’ll grow is through experience, but if you’re experiencing the same thing day in and day out then you will continue having the same outcome. You need to get off your lazy ass and make it a point to change things up. Do something you’ve always dreamed or just something new.

You’d be surprised how a thank you, hello, holding the door open for someone or giving a compliment can brighten a persons day. Even if they don’t show it you’re sending great energy their way. You’re acknowledging them.

We cross paths with so many people, daily. Everyone on their own mission, doing their own thing. Some affecting our lives, whether it’s by bumping into us, smiling at us or taking too long @ the cashier when you’re in a hurry..we’re affected by so many people we don’t know.

It’s all a domino affect. Have you noticed when you wake up in a bad mood your whole day seems to be a mess! Nothing is going right, you’re late, you banged your toe on the corner, no one is listening to you, it’s all wrong!! That’s because of your outlook on the day. You choose to stress over the little things that maybe you wouldn’t have if you woke up in a wonderful mood.

We all have our days, yes. There are things that happen to us that stress us out and bring us down. Just remember that you’re blessed and strong enough to overcome whatever obstacle God puts in your path. So make sure you have great people on your side and a positive outlook on life and whats to come. Stop holding grudges ( I’m still working on this one ) and free yourself or the unnecessary pain.

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  1. Awesome writing.

    Dream great dreams and make them come true. Do it now. You are unique. In all the history of the world there was never anyone else exactly like you; and, in all the infinity to come, there will never be another you.

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