Continual Change

Allowing myself to fall into a free flowing space, like leaves dancing in the wind. Like the clouds floating across the sky. Every chord striking directing into my heart. I feel it in my skin. There is so much that needs to come out. So many questions, ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams. How lovely is this? How lucky am I. There is, yet another, shifting. Yet another change that comes continually. Expect it. Never turning your back from it, pretending it doesn’t exist. It does. There are some deep hard truths about this world, about this life. I’m playing along. I am consciously trying to be better, sometimes failing miserably and sometimes succeeding in ways I could never have imagined. The unexpected life that is. The unexpected life that awaits. Wait. ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ It echoes in my mind. His Word glides through an open space. A safe place. A place that I can trust. A place where I find peace, joy and hope. No matter what I face. No matter how pulled down I feel, His gentle hands await. How sweet.

His Word drips like honey from my lips. As the white clouds turn to grey so does my heart when people’s health are stripped away. When disease is filling more and more bodies, it eats away– at us. Don’t we see? Can we not see? How sick we are becoming. How dry we are. I thirst for water. I thirst for your Spirit. Oh lead me to the rock that is Higher than I. Lead me down Your narrow path and shelter me with Your wings. My Comforter. My Savior.

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Standing Firm in Christ

It is time for us to create a movement for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is time for us to stand against the lies and wickedness of this world. It must be done in love, it must be done in truth. We will always fall short, we will never be perfect, but we can cling to His truth and stand firm for our God. The one true God who created each and every one of us.

I know I’m not good enough and maybe that’s why God is using me to be bold in His name. Maybe? I’m not sure why, but I get that He is calling me to speak up. I can be very black and white about my approach sometimes. I need to work on that. My passion for Jesus can make me come off harsh and judgmental. I know my flaws, I know my sins and there are many more coming to light. I am nowhere near perfect. I just have a heart for Our Heavenly Father. I want to worship and praise Him all the days of my life. I want every aspect of my life to be centered on Him. I want to glorify Him in every and any way possible. I want to be a faithful servant.

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Bikram Yoga Challenge Pt II Keep Going

Standing Bow Pose, Eagle Pose and Toe Stand Pose
This week has shifted into a different type of challenge. Once my body adjusted to waking up early and moving around a hot box for 1.5 hours, I began dealing with deep rooted issues. I may or may not be alone with this experience but Bikram Yoga is difficult in more ways than I had expected.

Here are some highlights of what Day 9 through 19 looked like.

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